Amir Nejati
Board Certified Holistic Practitioner-CMT
  1. Massages
    The power of Touch
    Let me Improve your muscle tone, increase range of motion Ensure elimination of waste products after exercise via my special therapeutic massage techniques.
  2. Sense Enhancement
    Music & Aromatherapy
    Lose yourself in an atmosphere filled with music and finest aromatherapy from the purest essential oils in the world.
    This form of Massage has been claimed to stimulate the whole body
    Foot massage is perfect starter for individuals who never have received massage before, Did you know there are pressure points on soles of feet that actually stimulate different organs of the body?
  4. Clear Mind=limitless potential
    They say"You can't fill a cup that is already full" Our mind gets full daily!
    I make sure Massage Therapy is affordable for Every one. Since my Clinic is home based; my service fee is more competitive. And I dedicate my abilities and knowledge to help you reach a higher serenity.